Who are we ?

Our heritage

We are Protestants. The sixteenth century reform rediscovered the main principles of the early Christians.We share with them: the Word of God alone, faith alone, grace alone.Free choice ..., the separation of Church and State, secularism, free access to free education for all.

Why are we Christians ?

We discovered Jesus Christ who gave his life out of love for us.He brought us to God, he transformed our lives.

Why do we meet ?

God wanted the Church so that the Believers can recharge their batteries and serve their creator and their neighbor.The Church is therefore not a building but a community which has its marvelous role to play in society.

What do we believe ?

What we believe :

We believe in the authority and the infallibility of the Bible, which is the only Word of God.We believe that she directs and inspires us in our personal life and in the activities of the parish.We believe that through the Bible, God answers our deepest questions and needs.We believe that neither our religion, our works, nor our traditions can save us. Salvation is a gift from God, we receive it by grace: price paid by Jesus Christ at the cross.We believe that the Holy Spirit operates spiritual things in being consenting: certainty, peace, faith ... encouragement to do good and joy in service.

What do we do ?

Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Cult with, for children, education and activities adapted to their age.

In Week

Bible studies and prayer meetingsDiscovery of the bible at homeCatechismYouth meetingsLadies meetingsPatient visits

Our cultural associations

Youth camps and W.ESocial workStand of Christian literature and fair trade at the marketSponsorship and support for local associations